Democratic Debate Candidates’ Views on Criminal Justice Reform: Elizabeth Warren

Massachusetts Senator Elizabeth Warren prides herself in her fight for middle class families. Her campaign includes a criminal justice reform plan that focuses on banning private prisons, bringing service fees for essential services to a halt and holding contractors accountable. Warren stands behind the idea that our country has criminalized too many things.

At first, it seemed that Warren had no concept of how she would fix the criminal justice system as seen in her meeting with criminal justice reform activists in the video below.

However, these activists may have brought awareness to Warren about the needs for change, as she posted a criminal justice reform plan as part of her campaign three days after the meeting.

The main points of her plan include strengthening public defenders, ending cash bail, reducing gun violence, reducing mandatory minimums, ending the drug war and getting rid of the death penalty. Warren stands behind the idea that our country has criminalized too many things.

Warren’s plan is detailed and addresses many of the most talked about issues within the system today; however, it seems to be too far-reaching, making it feel unrealistic, instead of focusing majorly on a few important issues.

When it comes to ending cash bail and strengthening public defenders, these parts of Warren’s plan reinforce the ideals that Warren stands for, fighting for the middle class.

However, the other aspects of the plan seem to have come out of the blue shortly after being asked pressing questions by the criminal justice reform activists, which causes question of her motives to arise. Are these people-pleasing answers to the system, or does Warren actually believe in this plan and is she willing to fight for it?

Whether she fully believes in her words or not, she is rather convincing in her claims that appeal to multiple suppressed groups including pregnant women, African Americans and the LGBTQ community.

It’s no surprise that polls are currently showing her at the top of democratic charts as she wins these groups over with her words of support.

These voters should be wary to quickly jump on the bandwagon and support Warren only because she tells them what they want to hear. They should demand evidence and details about how she will address their issues rather than falling for her simple claims that every situation will be remedied.

Ultimately, the campaign plan attempts to encompass way too much at once.